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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Vicky Cristina Barcelona (Cert 12a)


Woody Allens latest film takes him to Spain in his fourth overseas production in a row (he has done a few here in the UK!). Once again he is working with Scarlett Johansson plus Rebecca Hall, Javier Bardem and Penelope Cruz.

Vicky (Rebecca Hall) and Cristina (Johansson) are staying in Barcelona for the summer. Vicky, a straight laced practical person engaged to the reliable yet dull Doug, is studying a masters in Catalan. She has brought along Cristina, recently heart broken, so that she can find a new direction in her life. They are staying with friends Judy and Mark, who invite them out to an art exhibition launch. The brooding and sexy Jaun Antonio Gonzalo soons captures the eye of Cristina, but is quickly warned off by Judy. Aparently his last relationship with the beautiful Maria Elena (Penelope Cruz) came to a fiery end when one tried to stab the other!

Later that evening, Jaun Antonio finally introduces himself to Vicky and Cristina by making a bold proposition. They should fly with him to see the city of Oviedo. They should go in an hour, and when they get there they will all make love. A rather stunned Vicky is quick to put him down but following her need for passion Cristina takes him up on the offer. It doesn't take long and they are both off on a little aeroplane.

The girls are soon being wooed by the persistant and inevitably irresistable Jaun Antonio, but Cristina gets so exited at the prospect of a night in the arms of the sexy spaniard that her ulser kicks in and she becomes really ill. Leaving Vicky trying unsuccessfully to hold on to her standards... Juan Antonio finally gets his way.

Upon there return to Barcelona and on Dougs attempt at sponteniaity (turning up so that he and Vicky can get married!) Cristina and Juan Antonio finally start to fall in love... only to have his crazy ex wife turn up. But will Juan Antonio pick one over the other and what of his night of passion with Vicky?

Wood Allen has once again proven that he is the king of improvised dialogue with some fantastic characters that help some up passion and neurotisism. We see the over shrinked and analysed americans struggling to deal with the messy raw emotion of the Spanish.

Javier Bardem is just smoldering with sexuality and Penelope Cruz is terrifying to a shy person like me! Great fun.



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