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Tuesday, September 25, 2012



I'm on my way to Hong Kong. Gareth moved there last year and this has been my first opportunity to travel out to see him.

Thanks to Nico I've been able to fly out British Airways Club Class, which makes the whole thing far more humane! I'm a big lad to get stuck in my normal place of cattle class!

The whole experience is lovely if not just a little bizarre. I'm in 13E, so in the middle of the plane with my seat in reverse! That's not a bad thing, on safety grounds it's in fact far better to be backwards! The strange thing is the lack of windows. You have no chance of seeing the outside world. The result is this rather detached point of view. You can feel the movement as the aircraft taxis, but there is no visual confirmation! It reminded me of the ride Hex at Alton Towers.

Anyway it's all worth it for the decent meal, nice wines and of course - leg room!

Happy Landings.

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Saturday, January 07, 2012

Iron Lady (Cert 12a)


Pre thoughts: I need to say that from the outset I do not like Margaret Thatcher. She was responsible for some pretty bad things that made my childhood far tougher than it needed to be! It will be interesting to see if this film changes my mind.

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